Monday, March 17, 2008

Green Food

It's St. Patrick's Day and since I have young picky kids, I can't make the traditional Irish fare of cabbage and corned beef unless I want to eat it all myself, so I opted for green food. Lately I've been into reading cookbooks from cover to cover while I'm waiting for the kids to go to sleep. Actually, they can be pretty interesting, especially when you're a foodie like me. One of the latest I picked up from the library was Lidia's Family Table and I noticed a recipe for Spinach Pasta Dough. I figure the best day to try to get my kids to eat it was today, when everything is green. Pasta is surprisingly easy to make - much easier than bread and no waiting for it to rise. Only a 30 minute resting period, roll it out and voila! pasta! I love using my Kitchenaid pasta roller attachment too! The menu - Spinach Fetuccini with butter cream sauce infused with fresh rosemary, chicken tenderloin sauteed with a brushing of homemade basil pesto, steamed, buttered broccoli, and mint brownies with green icing. The kids devoured it, with the exception of Annie - my pickiest eater who wouldn't touch that green pasta even if the leprachauns DID make it turn green! All in all a success - must be the luck 'o the Irish!

1 comment:

  1. We seriously have to share these ideas! Your dinner looks yummy.



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