Sunday, June 1, 2008


Over the winter, I had the habit of staying up late (to blog and have some alone time) and then getting up with the kids. But since the weather has improved, I've started getting up before everyone and walking around the neighborhood circle. I have found that if I don't do something active first thing in the morning, I'll never do it. I just get swallowed up with all the other things to do throughout the day (lately putting in the vegetable seedlings - more on that at a later time!). Besides being aerobic exercise with some pretty good hills, it's also meditative. I don't take my ipod and I enjoy listening to the birds and taking in the sunrise and early morning happenings in nature. I use the time just to think or let my mind wander. This daily walk clears my head and lets me face the day much more refreshed. The other day, I noticed these cool clouds and had to take a picture. Maybe there are cool clouds all the time, but I know that many days I barely have the time to look up! Here's to looking up once in a while!

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