Friday, October 31, 2008

Gingerbread Bears

A friend of mine was looking for a cute but inexpensive item to give as favors at a baby shower she was helping with. Of course, working at Mimi's has me thinking all things baked and we came up with this idea...gingerbread bears decorated with pink icing, appropriately tied with great "baby-girl" ribbons. The finished bears were adorable and delicious, but we got lucky - very lucky! I used two recipes, both from the Martha Stewart website and both needed some major adjusting after I was already in the process of making them. The recipe for the gingerbread called for refrigerating the disks of dough overnight and then rolling it out. The dough was so soft it was unworkable, so I ended up kneading in at least a whole cup of flour after rolling one disk out. I had a moment of panic there, especially since these had to be made THAT day, but fortunately it worked! I made the recipe for Royal Icing as written and it was so thick that it was obviously wrong as well. Can I never trust Martha's recipes again? I added at least 1/2 cup of water to the 1/4 cup called for in the recipe and probably even more before it was thin enough to pipe. I have looked at other recipes, even others on Martha's site, and think that maybe the merigue powder amount should have been 5 tsp and not 5 TBSP? It just goes to show that every baking project is a learning experience and you just have to roll with it and keep on baking!


  1. They look adorable, and delicious. I'm sure the shower guests go crazy over them!

  2. awwwhhhh........they are precious!!!!!.....too cute to take a bite!!!

  3. Great idea! Remind me to tell you how to make a baby face from a round cut out cookie - we made these for Jake's teacher's shower last year



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