Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dear Three Particular Giant Eagle Employees,

(I interrupt this food blog to bring you a heartfelt letter inspired by the works of my good friend Jennifer Juniper and her letters to grumpy old men and young kickboxers.)

I would like to let you know that my trip to the grocery store was not the pleasant experience I have come to expect.

To the long time pharmacy counter man: I understand that your pharmacy "is separate from the regular grocery store" like you stated, but when I come to you with two bottles of lotion which I found were sliced open at the top (stockboy, I'll get to you later) after I had cleaned up the spilled lotion on the floor with paper towels which I found under one of the registers because there was no employee in sight, I'm sorry if I expected you to be grateful that I would care enough to NOT put those bottles back on the shelf after I noticed the defect. Noticing your reluctance to deal with the problem, I offered to walk them over to customer service myself and you gave me the eye-roll and said "nevermind, I can take them ". I'm sorry if I inconvenienced you by making you call a stock person to take them away (even though there was no one in the pharmacy at the time). But frankly, a simple "thank you" would have sufficed.

To the stockperson: Even though I did not see you personally, I would like to point out that when you open a box of lotion, or flour, or anything, that you should be extra careful not to slice the contents of the box open while opening the box of said contents with your box-cutter. Before the lotion incident, I was shopping for flour. I picked up two bags and placed them in my cart. That simple movement resulted in my black jacket turning white because of all the flour spilling out of an obvious razor-like slice in the flour bag. Is this lesson not one of the first that a stockperson should learn on the job? If I found two examples of this carelessness during my short shopping trip, I can't imagine how much money the store is losing to damaged goods.

And finally, to the cashier: I have long suspected that our Giant Eagle hires ex-cons as part of some rehab program (like in the movie Shawshank Redemption). I was convinced that the sweet old men who bag the groceries were reformed criminals and in the back of my head I admired Giant Eagle for helping someone in need. You, however, are a different story. I won't go into your appearance because like I try to teach my kids , "we shouldn't talk about how other people look." Maybe your teeth were all missing because you didn't have a responsible mother to remind you to brush your teeth when you were little - that's not your fault. However, do you not realize that bananas are fragile and plunking them into my cart might bruise them? That piling heavy things on these bananas might also damage them in some way? You took such care in making sure the two bunches of organic bananas would stack one on top of the other so that you wouldn't have to weigh them separately, only to throw them carelessly into my cart. Normally I would point out that you made a mistake and charged me for the conventional bananas, but the steam coming out of my ears prevented me from doing so. Also, when someone got in line behind me even after your nice supervisor placed a candy rack behind me to block the aisle so you could take your 15 minute break, you looked at the unsuspecting customer like she was so stupid and told her in your sarcastic voice, "Can't you see that this lane is closing? That's why the rack is there." Then you look at me and say that people do that all the time (like aren't they all stupid!) I'm sorry, but at Target they make you dodge several candy racks before you get to the register in hopes that you'll buy something from them. Finally, I can understand that not all people know what gingeroot is so I didn't mind telling you, but I would've liked to find it in my bag when I got home - it was nowhere to be found!

I may think twice about doing my shopping at your grocery store the next time I need bananas and the prescription in my purse is going straight to the counter at Costco tomorrow. And I'll be getting my flour from Soergels from now on, even if it does cost a bit more.

Thank you for letting me get this off my chest.


  1. You go girl!!!!!!!!!!! I truly hope you had a glass of wine when you got home!!!!!!!

  2. Oh, What a great letter! I hope Giant Eagle googles themselves on occasion!



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