Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen...Start Your Seeds!

Just one week ago, I planted seeds into this great little seed-starting tray. I couldn't believe how fast they germinated! The tray comes with a clear plastic domed lid for keeping in moisture and a bottom tray for catching extra water. It is very compact, with 72 partitions in a 22" x 11" space. Under the tray is a special heating pad made just for seed starting. It keeps the soil warm, which is most appreciated by the peppers and tomatoes. The heat combined with the moisture helps the seeds to germinate quickly. I also have two full-spectrum lights shining day and night on the seedlings. (These are the same lights which are supposed to be keeping me out of the winter doldrums due to what my mom claims is Seasonal Affective Disorder - I think it's just that our winter weather stinks and who isn't depressed in pittsburgh come March??? I digress...) I have the tray next to the window in the sunniest spot in the house - our south-facing sunroom. When they get a little bigger, I'll transfer them to slightly larger pots where they will continue to grow until they can be transplanted outside. These little seedlings have a long, hard road ahead of them, and some of them won't make it into the garden, but before you know it, most of these plants will be bearing fruit which we'll eat right off the vine. We'll can or freeze the surplus for us to eat all winter long. When I look at these little plants, it's hard to believe that it's actually snowing outside! Come on Spring!!

One year ago: My Spring Babies

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  1. Alrighty did start some seeds!!! I thought I saw you showing off the packets just yesterday??.....Nature is truly amazing!!!!



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