Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bagels - An Update

This is just a quick update on the bagels I posted a few weeks ago. Since then, I've made them several times and the kids are just gobbling them up. But I've learned a few things since that first time so I thought I'd share.

1. You don't need high gluten flour - I've used King Arthur Bread flour, found in most supermarkets (the cheapest around town is Wal-mart) and I found no difference in the results.

2. You really must try to incorporate almost all of the flour in the recipe. It takes a little while and even my Kitchenaid has trouble kneading the stiff dough so I knead it by hand, adding a little more flour every few kneads, until you're sure the dough couldn't handle another bit of flour. The one time I didn't add as much flour, the bagels were a little flat.

3. It took some trial and error, but the best way that I found to make your toppings stick, is to brush the bagel with egg white wash not once, but twice. Whisk an egg white with a teaspoon or so of water. Using a pastry brush, brush the egg white on, let it dry, then brush a little more egg white on and sprinkle on the toppings while the second coating is still wet. This method worked better than just one coating of egg, better than just water, and better than a water and cornstarch mixture.

4. I boil the bagels in the water bath for exactly 45 seconds per side, instead of one minute or more, so that they are the perfect chewiness.


  1. Your bagels look perfect. Last time I made this recipe my Kitchenaid couldn't handle the dough either. My neighbor divides her dough in half and kneads it in her food processor. I thought I might try that, or perhaps just dividing it in half and kneading it my mixer, or half in each. I was worn out from kneading it by hand. Great tip about the double egg wash.

  2. They look awesome. They rival any New York bagels I've seen around here. It's just one of those great pleasures of life, don't you think? And I love these little tips you've discovered as you were making them.

  3. I just still can't get over that you made your own bagels!! I'm too overwhelmed reading through all of the directions....I think maybe I'll try hot pretzels first :)

  4. I've been thinking about trying soft pretzels too! (and I have a slew of recipes bookmarked). Let me know if you try them!



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