Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Madison's Ice Cream Parlor

Don't these look yummy? Annie's best friend Madison made these a few days ago on a warm early Spring day with only one ingredient - chalk! I had just recently made some Raspberry Frozen Yogurt and taken pictures but I wasn't sure which ice cream looked yummier - mine or Madison's. Here's a photo of the frozen yogurt I made:

This was my first attempt to make frozen yogurt and it was really good! It was infinitely easier to make than traditional custard-type ice cream. The flavor is a little different- a little tangier- and we all enjoyed it. All you do is combine plain whole-milk yogurt, sugar, vanilla, and raspberry puree and freeze it in an ice cream machine for 20 minutes. My Cuisinart ice cream machine from Costco only requires that you pre-freeze the canister and the rest is automatic - no salt to mess with. I got the basic vanilla frozen yogurt recipe from 101cookbooks.com. Oh- and aren't Gerbera Daisies pretty? I'm having fun taking pictures... Happy Spring!


  1. I also have that ice cream maker, but the freezie part always gets bumped for french fries or chicken nuggets when the freezer is too full! I guess that's an important part of the recipe!

  2. OHHH. How sweet...they do look yummy. Freshly scooped too...no drips running down the sides!



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