Monday, August 25, 2008

The Butterfly Miracle

This is the second year we were able to see a caterpillar go through its stages from larvae to chrysalis and then to butterfly right in our own garden. I first saw this caterpillar while sitting on my back patio. He was hanging out on a large glass vase I had in the center of our outdoor dining table. How did he get there and why would he want to be there? I have no idea. But I gently picked up the vase and took it over to the zinnias where last year's caterpillar made its chrysalis. He hopped right onto the zinnia and hung out there for a day or two...

before forming this chrysalis. Last year we got it all on video tape. It is absolutely amazing to watch!

In a little more than two weeks (I checked on him daily), the chrysalis became more transparent and you could see the dark wing pattern through the thinning chrysalis. The next morning, we went to check on him again and there he was, hanging there to dry out his wings. This is nothing short of a miracle!


  1. Wow!!!!!!!! is a miracle!!!...thanks so much for sharing!!!



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