Friday, January 16, 2009

Goodbye until next year, and I've been tagged...

Each year they come trickling in around the first week in December. By the end of the month I've got a wall covered with treasured photos of friends and their kids and families. You see, on the wall behind my desk area in the kitchen, I have a bulletin board which spans the entire 9-ft length of my desk. I made this bulletin board when we moved in 8 years ago by cutting some homosote (available at building supply stores) to size and covering it with sage colored linen, simply using a heavy duty stapler to affix the material on the back. It sits right on top of the backsplash and is fitted just under the cabinets so it doesn't even require nails or screws to keep it secure. During the year I post library receipts, party invitations, and other things I like to have within sight. Come December, it's all cleared off to make way for the adorable photos and Christmas greetings. I'm sad whenever it's time to take them down, but I'll save them in a box with all of the other years' pictures and even look back at them from time to time. So the bulletin board is clear now and I'll say goodbye to all our friends (well, mostly our friends' kids) and wait until next year when we'll see them again, one year older and comment on how they've changed and grown up and how this one or that one looks exactly like their mother/father. I just love my wall of pictures! (please ignore the cluttered desk and see # 4 below)

Also, I've been tagged by Jennifer at Hope Studios and was asked to cite 6 random things about myself. Nothing very exciting but here goes...

1.) I wear knitted scarves all winter, inside or out. I'm wearing one right now.
2.) I feel like I can't breathe whenever a) bacon is cooking nearby b) I walk down the cleaning supplies aisle of the store and c) I''m around second-hand smoke. If I can, I'll hold my breath until I'm well past the noxious, suffocating smell.
3.) I have at least 7 different types of honey in my pantry.
4.) I have a hard time keeping the house picked up - it's a constant battle! (I'm sure I'm not alone on this one!)
5.) I sleep on a pillow filled with water.
6.) I have a friend who recently purchased an iphone. She showed it to me yesterday and now I know what I'm going to spend my "Mimi's money" on!


  1. A pillow filled with water??!!!...I didn't even know there was 7 different kinds of honey!!!...and I certainly could wear a scarf all winter as well....I have to remember to wear them more often!

  2. You do random well. Just follow your "Mom" thought process (scattered)!

  3. The water pillow sounds...sloshy! I have orange blossom honey and it's the one honey I will eat, but I'm down to my last jar with no propects for replacement. I got about 10 jars about 3 years ago.
    My word verification is "spores", wierd.



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