Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Favorite - My SIGG Water Bottle

It's summer, it's hot and we're thirsty! And fortunately, as a country, we are becoming more aware of our choices and how they affect our environment. Jane Goodall, in a recent speaking engagement in Pittsburgh, noted that one of the easiest things we could do to help the environment right now is to stop buying our water in plastic containers and refill your own bottle instead. (Read her great book Harvest for Hope and it just might change that way you look at food forever!) I stopped buying bottled water a few years ago when we installed a reverse-osmosis water filter in our kitchen. The initial investment was a few hundred dollars, but the water tastes great and is about the most pure as you can get. It's one of the best investments we've ever made. Gwyneth Paltrow mentioned the reverse osmosis system in a recent post on her blog GOOP which you can check out here. But even if you do not have a water filtering system, it has been shown that most people's tap water in this country is just as pure as bottled water. Use a carbon filter system to remove off flavors very inexpensively.

I love my Sigg stainless steel water bottle for several reasons:
1. It's looks cool
2. The water doesn't get an "off" taste after sitting for a while
3. There are no chemicals leaching into your water as they can with plastic, especially when plastic sits in a hot car
4. There's no waste
5. It fits in the holder on my bicycle :)
Read more about the benefits of Sigg water bottles here and then go get one for yourself!

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