Friday, January 22, 2010

The Resilient Tomato

Cherry Tomato in January
Can anyone explain how in the world this tomato looks so perfect even after all the below-freezing temperatures we've had in western Pennsylvania? I've been watching this tomato for months now (it's right outside our powder room window so I see it a few times every day). I'm simply amazed by its resilience. It has refused to let winter get the best of it! All of these photos were taken on the same day....
January 2010
January 2010
Perhaps this little tomato is a small reminder of when the garden was lush and green and the tomatoes were bountiful. Just when summer seems so long ago and Spring seems so far away, this tiny tomato gives me a little happiness and hope that Spring will come again.
Cherry Tomato in January


  1. Gorgeous photos!

    How on earth did the tomato not fall by now?! Whatever was leftover in our garden rotted and fell to the ground ages ago!




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