Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We Have Babies!

Baby Birds

We finally have babies! Aren't they cute? Just open wide...and they will come to feed you.

Father Wren
Here's daddy flycatcher. He waited nervously for about two weeks on this trellis adjacent to our back patio where he built the nest. I mean he barely moved from this spot for two weeks! Waiting, waiting, waiting for his work to begin while mommy flycatcher sat on the eggs.

Fortunately she didn't get all that spooked when curious people with large cameras came near.


Congratulations flycatchers! I'm glad you chose our patio to have your babies. And thanks for reducing our bug population too!


  1. We had a mother wren with eggs right outside my front porch but she seems to have abandoned the nest :( There is only one egg left out of 4 so I think something ate them!

  2. There are few things more adorable than a nest full of baby birds!

  3. We just had some baby bird too ~ so sweet! Love the protective daddy you have at your place.

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