Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vanilla Cupcakes and a Delicious Baking Blunder

These simple vanilla cupcakes are beautiful, aren't they? They're delicious too.

So I was making these cupcakes for a graduation party and I made a few extras to take to a dinner party the following day. But the kids were about to arrive home from school and I didn't want them to be tempted by the beautiful cupcakes - not yet anyway - because they needed to last until the next day and they'd beg and plead for just one cupcake - you know how it goes - I just wasn't up for it. So I quickly hid the cupcakes in the cold oven. A genius idea - they'd never see them in there.

A few hours later, I'm getting ready to make pizza for dinner. I preheated the oven, forgetting that my beautiful cupcakes were still inside. Maybe it wasn't a genius hiding spot after all. After several minutes, I smelled the cupcakes cooking in the oven and realized my mistake. Aaargh! I couldn't believe I had done that - again! Fortunately, I realized it before the cupcakes had burned.

But then we took a fork to the cupcakes and realized that I may have created the most delicious dessert ever! The cake was warm and the Swiss Meringue Buttercream had melted into the cake, rendering it gooey and sweet and buttery. I likened it to a warm Krispy Kreme donut, or a vanilla version of molten chocolate cake, but so much better! They were all gone before the pizza even came out of the oven. Never before have I made such a delicious baking blunder! You should try it!

On Friday, I'll be showing you two cupcake towers you can make at home to display your decorated cupcakes!


  1. Oh dear. I'm glad they were tasty. I guess you had to make another batch, though?

  2. I do that all the time! Most of the time I have tupperware filled with sweets I'm trying to hide from myself in the oven, and I've ended up with a few disasters that way!

  3. I get my plate and fork ready every time....and still no dessert in front of me...what gives??????

    Janet xox

  4. Don't worry I do stuff like that all the time! It's funny when your sneaky plans backfire!

    By the way, your site is lovely and has me drooling over all your amazing recipes! Thanks for stopping by my blog!



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