Friday, August 12, 2011

Summertime Cookies - Peaches and Watermelon

Peaches and Watermelon are two of my favorite fruits this time of year. I buy and buy and eat and eat until they are out of season. These aren't the juicy variety, but delicious all the same! Enjoy the season while it lasts!

To decorate the peaches:
1. Frost peach with royal icing colored with one part copper and two parts lemon yellow gel food coloring
2. Frost stem with chestnut-colored icing and the leaf with leaf green-colored icing
3. Let dry 8 hours.
4. In each of 2 small bowls, mix about 3 tablespoons of water with one drop of peach or orange gel color in one bowl and one drop red gel color in the other bowl.
5. With a food-only paintbrush, brush lightly all over the peach with peach colored water and then highlight the left side with red colored water.
6. Before the water dries, sprinkle all over with white sanding sugar.

For the watermelon how-to, see this post at Glorious Treats.

Happy Summer!


  1. Unless you have plans to mail me some of these, you better STOP this right now!!!!!!!!

    Janet xox

  2. Really Cute!!! I need them now.....



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