Monday, October 24, 2011

{Pinterest} Pies and Tarts

Y'all know about Pinterest, right? If not, you really need to check it out at It's a virtual pin board where you can post pictures of your favorite ideas that you find all over the web into one place. You can create different boards to organize them. You can follow, like, and comment on people's pins, and repin them onto your boards if you like. It's very addicting, so don't say I didn't warn you.

I've been bookmarking a ton of recipes and inspirational food photos and I recently posted all the pies and tarts I had bookmarked onto Pinterest. So click here if you need some pie inspiration for the holidays!

Happy Pinning!


  1. I love Pinterest! Just started to follow you there.

  2. I tried to pin your recipes to pinterest but it won't allow me. Why is that?

  3. taddds - I'm not sure why you are not able to pin the recipes. I have pinned my own recipes with no problems. You might try again as sometimes I've noticed that Pinterest gets "hung up" at times and I have to go back later and try again.




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