Monday, July 11, 2011

A Flower Bouquet of Brownie Pops

The great thing about pops is that they can be made into an infinite number of things. Just go to Bakerella's page on Flickr and see the pops that people from all over the world have posted there. It's pretty amazing. I made these bouquets for the centerpieces for a Spring Garden Club Luncheon - decoration and dessert all in one!

To make this brownie pop bouquet you will need the following:

Basic brownie pops covered with any color sprinkles you desire
Tissue paper for the flower petals, cut into squares approximately 5" by 5"
Green floral tape for the stems
Terra cotta pots
styrofoam balls to fit inside the pots
green paper shred

All of these items are generally available in your craft store such as Michael's or JoAnn's

1. Fold the tissue paper squares as you would fold paper to make paper snowflakes.
2. Cut a scalloped edge or any pattern you desire on the edge opposite the point of your folded tissue paper
3. Unfold the tissue paper and insert your brownie pop through the center of two or more of the tissue paper flowers
4. Pinch together a little of the tissue paper around the base of the brownie pop, and start wrapping the floral tape around the pinched tissue paper, then start to wrap the floral tape diagonally down the remainder of the pop stick and tear it off when you reach the bottom
5. Place the styrofoam ball into the pot and cover with paper shred. Insert the pops into the styroam, arranging like a flower arrangement.


  1. ok. You had me at brownie pops....these are too cute to eat!!

  2. So cute! I admire your patience and craftiness!

  3. This is a great idea for pops! Can't wait to try this, would make a great gift (if it got that far :-) )!!



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