Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Favorite - Marshall's!

If you shop at Marshall's, you probably enter the store, start browsing through the clothing and shoe departments, meander back to the home interiors aisle and around through to the toys and books. Not me - when I go to Marshall's, I make a bee-line right to the gourmet foods and kitchen supplies section, and then, if I have time, I might browse through the clothing and handbags. You might not think that Marshall's is the best place to buy food items, but I'm here to change your mind! I've been buying my favorite Greek extra-virgin olive oil there for a few years now. It has a "use-by" date so I can tell that it's fresh and I use it for almost all my cooking. It's especially good in a Greek Salad. The other staple I've stocked up on is the Vanilla Bean Extract "Crush" made by the Sonoma Syrup Co. It's a combination of the best vanillas (Madagascar Bourbon and Tahitian) and has a lot of real vanilla bean seeds in it so you can see the bean flecks in your baked goods. It's so delicious - and a few dollars cheaper than if you bought it from King Arthur Flour.

My other recent finds are in these pictures as well - all-natural apricot jam which I used to glaze the Lemon Tart, delicious and unique rapeseed blossom honey from Germany (to add to my honey collection), and some baking spices. I LOVE my new green casserole dish which turned out to be perfect for the Tomato Sausage Lasagna and my two white cake stands, one round and one square - heck, I even found the tablecloth at my favorite Marshall's! Happy Shopping!


  1. Oh yes!!! I do now go back there...right after the shoes!! :) Maybe I'll bump into you there sometime...I want some of that olive oil for my own self! :) And I love the way you put other stories I may enjoy....I need to learn that trick someday.



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